This particular error is generally a server-side error. It can often be caused by invalid SSL certificates,or mis-configured VirtualHost settings in Apache.

Just as a test, always make sure you can reproduce this error in at least 2 different browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc...). Once you have confirmed that the issue is server side you may then begin to troubleshoot server configs and SSL certs.

On a system I was administrating (for example), I had two virtual hosts sharing the same domain information, but using seperate ports (80 and 443). When launching Apache, it would always gripe about this situation but load anyway. At some point, the Apache config files were updated, but when Apache restarted it did not load the proper virtual host information. Luckily, in this situation, all I had to do was restart Apache. When it reloaded the virtual host files it was able to reload the hosts in the order it expected and the SSL certificates were once again matched to their proper hosts.

If a restart of Apache does not resolve your particular issue, you may want to regenerate the SSL certificates for that particular domain.